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From Ballerina To Bike Rider

At the age of 33 I’m considered grandmother in my sports. But my race experience can be compared with the one of a junior rider. I am a professional cyclist for the Lotto Soudal Ladies with 4 cycling seasons in my legs and a history in sports of 23 years. In other words, you can’t […]

Big Butts And Moustaches

Most people think that women’s cycling is a sport for mannish girls, virago’s. Well, that’s what the cliché says. I believe to be the proof that this is (if even was) no longer the case. In my casual clothes nobody will ever think I bicycle (in a bikini it’s hard to hide; tan lines…). Sports […]

How pick the right women’s bike for you.

The winter fat beneath your clothes is stacking up. It’s about time to start moving to get into that pricey evening dress you enthusiastically (maybe you were just a little bit too impulsive) bought last month to wear at new year’s eve. A girl can’t ever be prepared enough, right? Cycling is the solution to […]