Archive of month: February 2017

How to wash your bike

Winter time is no argument to stop riding outside and since we are part of the Ridley women’s community, #BeTOUGH is our lifestyle. But, sadly, bikes get dirty much faster in wet weather. Clean bikes not only look better, but they work better and even go faster. A regular wash will keep your Ridley free […]

How To Translate Cycling Language

Riding a bike is one thing but talking about it, another. In the world of cycling we use a lot a bike specific terms. Cycling language if you want. If you join a bunch of male riders on your Sunday morning spin, you’ve certainly had your introduction. Want to impress your fellow male cyclists? Learn […]

Every Peloton has a Bus Driver… [video]

Every Peloton has a Bus Driver. What? A Bus Driver? You mean the guy that drives one of those team busses? No. You mean the guy or girl that drives the bus at the end of the cars who follow the race? No. We mean the bus driver who regulates the pace of the grupetto. […]