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My First Outdoor Bike Rides

I guess it doesn’t take you 114 days to get to ride a bike outdoors after an acl surgery – but well, my surgery was in winter and we had a lot of ice on the streets for quite a long time. And riding a road bike on icy streets was definitely not on the […]

Huge Lizards, Snowy Mountains without Snow and Heart Melting Koalas

‘What’s today?’ asked Piglet, ‘my favourite day’, said Pooh. I jumped out of bed, the count down on my phone read zero. I screamed out in glee to my partner ‘woohooo!’ It was finally time! Our long awaited adventure was here. The Plan A ten night road trip with my partner Roey. We start at the […]

The ‘Joy’ Of Time Trialling

The season is about one month far and my first time trial is coming up. For me this is quite an important event because my first biggest goal this year, will be the national championships ITT (individual time trial). From week one, a training session on the tt-bike is integrated in my schedule. Even though […]
Riding My Bike Finally

My First Indoor Bike Ride

As already mentioned in my last blogpost, I got to cycle only 27 days post my surgery, only two days after I was allowed to walk without crutches and without my brace. I walked into my room at my physiotherapist and he just smiled at me because he was so happy to see me without […]

Make your Roller Training fun! [video]

When outdoor training is impossible this indoor training (roller training) session could be a good alternative. Great to improve your pedal technique while you’re doing some extensive riding. Try to keep the pedal frequency high and the movement smooth. Time will fly! Example: 15min warming up 1min right leg, 1min both legs, 1min left leg, […]

Waffles, Rainy Days And My First Day At Work

It’s been 6 weeks and 5 days since I announced my retirement to the Cycling world, and finally, the roller coaster of emotions is beginning to settle, and I’m starting to find my feet again. I made the decision to pack my suitcase and head to Europe only a few weeks ago. Much to my […]

Down the rabbit hole with Kasia

Crashing your bike, I think, is one of the biggest fears of every rider. There are some typical crashes every cyclist has to go through. Everybody falls sometimes… You’re riding, you have to stop. You’re braking, coming to a stop and then realising you’re still stuck in your pedals. And then suddenly, it’s feeling like […]

Happy Women’s Day!

It’s 2017 and we, cycling women, came a long way. Cycling has a lot of terms like Flandrien, Sprinteur, Grimpeur, … They have a lot of gorgeous looking bikes. They have a lot of super looking clothes. All-male. It took us a long time to get next to them. Thanks to Marianne Vos, Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, […]

Things I Learned During My Injury

A few things I learned in the first 8 weeks post my acl reconstruction were rather painful – both mental and physical. However, I feel like some of these also fit quite good for any big injury you have. So I decided to write some of those things down and share them on the LaRidley-Blog: […]
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