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Loren Rowney Crazy about Belgium / Cobbles

Life in Belgium… – It ain’t so bad after all

I never thought I would say the words “I’m going to miss Belgium”. Yes, there it is everyone, I have grown to like this small country we foreigners (I think it is a cycling thing) refer to as the “arm pit of Europe”. 10 Points for Belgium Maybe it is the fact that I’m no […]
Jolien dhoore Lotte Kopecky Hong Kong Track

Racing in Hong Kong [video]

Kaat van der Meulen (Lotto Soudal Ladies and Belgian Cycling Track Specialist) filmed her impression of the Worlds in Hong Kong. Our Belgian Cycling Team performed extraordinary! Jolien D’hoore and Lotte Kopecky won the first women’s Madison on a WC. And how! They raced so strong and so smart, countered the key attacks, won the […]

Save Your Brain – Wear a Helmet

One of the things I was super scared of when I went on my first bike ride post surgery was falling off my bike and on my knee. But then again I thought: You didn’t have a single bike crash in more than 3 years – so why should you now? I still didn’t have […]

Are Compression Socks Useful? [video]

First of all, compression socks? What? What are those? Socks that are actually one size too small? Football socks? Compression Socks help actually your blood flow and increase the recovery of your calves. One downside, they are so tight, it’s so difficult to put them on. But, with this two-step how to I know I can […]

What’s a Coffee Ride [video]

Chantal Hoffman of the Lotto Soudal Ladies explains what does a coffee ride means. Cyclists goes on coffee rides when they are on a recovery ride. They don’t have to do intensive training, just make their legs spin.

What’s the plan? What’s next?

Currently my “training” doesn’t really look like training.. which is okay because I REALLY enjoy that I have the freedom to chose whatever I and my knee feel like doing. I swim, I ride, I run, I try to increase my distance on my bike rides and my runs, but then I fall off my […]

How’s The Serenity? Commuter Cup, Valley Style!

I type my final note, shut down my laptop and walk to the kitchen. My clothes are hanging, spread out amongst the room on any piece of furniture possible. My colleagues refer to it as my ‘chinese laundry’. I gather up my belongings, change, wave good night and head to the shed. As I turn […]

Back to Lake Garda

If you read my first blogpost you know that my boyfriend and I keep going to Lake Garda once a year for holiday and cycling (and running and swimming and eating pizza and gelato). However, in 2016 we did a bike tour in the mountains and I for the first time noticed the pain in […]