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My Top 5 Motivational Videos

These are some short films that motivate me A LOT to go out and swim, bike, run! Jan Frodeno’s Long Distance World Record race at Challenge Roth last year: Jan Frodeno.. again. An older video but so honest and so good:   The most beautiful swim style I’ve ever seen: One of the most touching […]

Latte Macchiato For A Chameleon?

Hi! I’m Linda! A working and devoted cycling mom of 3 and competing in (inter)national cyclocross races. That’s a tricky combination and it can be quite hard to get all the hours of training I’d like. Of course I want to give my kids all the attention they need, make sure they can play with […]

10 Cycling Related Facts About Me

I love bike riding! So, I’ve written 10 cycling related facts down that apply to me. Perhaps you recognize some of them? I’ve been having and riding a roadbike for around 3 years now and I didn’t ever have a single flat tire – which either means I don’t ride enough or I’m just super lucky. […]

What Defines A Crash

Disappointment … that is the key word that describes my last weekend. So, it’s been a week. A week full of tears, pain (a lot of pain – not only physical, but mentally too), and disappointment. It was the first weekend in a month I was free, free of duty. So I said to myself let’s […]

The Beauty that is Bright

The word ‘bright’ instantly makes me think of good things. Sunshine, light, boldness, even higher intelligence. It sounds like a positive word. So it seems quite fitting that a lovely little town in the Ovens Valley, Victoria (Australia for those reading from overseas) should be named Bright. A few fun facts about Bright Bright is […]

What’s In My Jersey

Cycling shorts are definitely the most important part of a cycling outfit but I’m absolutely a fan of great jerseys and of how functional they are. They don’t only look good (they do!), they are also super comfortable and offer a lot of space for things you need during your ride. Here’s what’s in my […]
Stop and Enjoy, I said smiling at the camera

Ride, Pause, Think, Repeat

  Hurry, Hurry, oh, no, wait, why? One thing I have always struggled with in all aspects with my life is the ability to slow down and enjoy the moment. For example, this morning at breakfast, there was no need to rush, I had absolutely no where to be, however I found myself agitated, wanting to hurry […]

New Bike Day

We all know the exciting feeling of getting new toys AKA gifts. The only difference between now and when I was a kid is that I can’t jump around and jell anymore – I could but people would look funny at me. But hey, sometimes joy takes over and I do it anyway. Last Friday I woke […]