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The Comeback or the throwback (after my crash)?

It’s been a month, actually 6 weeks since my crash. I had to make up my mind of when I was coming back in the peloton. I know myself, if I plan this too much, I won’t go through with it. Just because I would push myself too much. Cycling is still a hobby. So […]

Nationals should be D-Day..

Nationals should be D-Day.. My last week for nationals is a bit hazy.. I worked everyday and had almost everyday overtime. Due to urgent calls, we can’t ignore people and say “hey shifts over, call again next time”. No we (the police) are here to help people. So the little time I had left I […]

A day in the life of an Aussie Cycling Physiotherapist

Following on from my previous two blogs regarding life balance, I would like to write about a typical work day for me! This will show how I fit everything in. My Wednesday schedule 5 AM: My boyfriend’s alarm goes off, he works an hour away so he is up bright and early every morning! 5 30 […]

How to become a more confident criterium racer

Step one… have fun! I’m coming into week 6 of being in the USA, and approaching the final 10 days of racing with my team Roxsolt Attaquer. I say “my” team, because I really feel like they are becoming my team. We have all certainly bonded over the past few weeks, and it seems like […]


In Belgium summer arrived. You can see it on the roads, they are packed with cyclists. The sun seems to give the people high amounts of energy. The newest bikes with matching outfits finally found their ways out of the shops and houses accompanied with the biggest smiles. We made today ‘new kit day’ as […]

What Do You Take Along When You Go Out Riding? [Video]

Do you wonder what you should be taking with you when you go out for a bike ride? No worries, Isabelle tells you the basics. In a nutshell, always make sure you’ve got the following things with you: Spare inner tire: logic, no? Pump: the most easy of them all. When you’ve got a flat, […]

Balance is not Something You Find, it’s Something You Create

What do a balance-beam, a see-saw, a set of scales and a person’s life have in common? a search for balance. In the modern day and age, there are so many factors vying for our attention and for our time. As women, our role in society has progressed. Where once the men were the bread winners […]

A Letter To Car Drivers, Pedestrians And Fellow Cyclists

Just recently the sports (especially triathlon and cycling) world got a little darker because of the death of three cyclists. All that’s left are memories and fear – and questions over questions. We love our sport. We love how far cycling can take us. We love to climb a steep mountain pass. We love the downhill. […]

How It Is To Be a Rider’s Mummy

Who is the first person you think of when you are suffering on your bike so much that you feel like your about to die? Your mother! At least, that’s what I do. In my mind it goes like: “Mummy, help me!”. And that’s because my mother has always been there for me. She is […]

Top Tips To Enjoying The Ride – A Guide For All

I’ve  always been a person who has just enjoyed simply riding my bike, with no structure, no efforts, just pure freedom to ride as fast or as slow as I want. This is something my coaches over the years weren’t so keen on, efforts are important and following a training schedule, of course. I adopted […]
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