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La Ride: training schedule week 4!

We arrived at week 4 and hopefully training is going well. Next week we will start a new training block. For this week the training sessions will again get just that bit longer. It isn’t always easy to keep every training session interesting. Sometimes you will bust yourself watching your chrono twice during the same […]
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Take time out to just breathe.

We all need to take a moment to breathe, to relax, to regroup, to rethink or regather our thoughts and assess our objectives and goals in life. For me, taking a breathe is riding my bike, whether it be for just a moment, a couple of hours, or half the day. The bike for me […]

Science, fashion and Swiss perfection in one: interesting cycling wear by X-Bionic

X-Bionic first started making breathable sports underwear. Nowadays this brand evolved to making sports clothes with the same advantages but newest technologies.  Their engineers make use of high-tech research and innovative materials. no detail is superfluous, every fiber has a function. Every product is a sophisticated construction that integrate the body perfectly into its specific sporting […]

Recovery Diary, Day 282 – am I ready to race?

The past year has been a rollercoaster ride at its best, it had so many ups and downs. My 2016 made a change from the excitement of having a triathlon coach and working consistent on my performance, of seeing improvements in all three disciplines, of believing in myself and of feeling really strong – to […]

Falling back in love with the world of cyclocross

The excitement I was first hooked by cyclocross when my former team mate Carla took it up. She spoke so enthusiastically about this discipline of cycling. My first memory of spectating was a national round in Adelaide. Tasmanian mountain biking superstars Sid Taberlay and Rowena Fry were racing. I was absolutely mesmerised and immediately hooked. […]

Oat to the meal & water to heal

In women’s cycling we often have to start racing early. The main reason is the distance or there is an other event on the same day/place. Whatever the timetable may be, you have to eat a good meal so that your body has fuel for the race. You’re engine needs to be as filled as […]
La Ride

La Ride: training schedule week 2.

Your first training week is past and it probably took you some time to figure everything out. That is perfectly normal. Cycling might seem easy but if you want to do it with the right built up and good technique it asks for some discipline. That is what training is all about! The right portion of […]

How to reduce scars

We women often like to do some adventurous things or activities. That goes hand in hand with the principal of trial and error. – I ‘errored’ a lot and will still go full speed. Hard lessons aren’t always learned. We get scratched, bruised or worse burned. At least we try and nothing can hold us back. […]
La Ride training

Here we go! La Ride training schedule week one!

It’s time to get active! Your first training schedule is waiting for you. But first some simple info we like you to know. Heart rate monitor It is a must to train with a heart rate monitor. You have to know what you are doing while training to prevent you from training too hard or […]
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