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TIC – This is Cambridge

Happy I’m so delighted to introduce to you the brand TIC! Their kit designs look happy and therefor make happy. And isn’t that what we all want? In a world dominated by the color grey (in 50 shades…), TIC does the sheering-up. Yay I say! Peloton style TIC is an independent brand with no external investors/ […]

Throwing out the word DIET!

I despise the word diet. By definition diet is defined as “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats”. Let me be more specific, I don’t particularly like the modern trends associated with “dieting” and what it does to us personally and as a community. I have been caught up in […]
Void Cycling

VOID Cycling

Void Cycling is a brand of cycling clothes from the northern part of Europe. Scandinavia, Sweden to be more precise. It’s great to ride your bikes over there. Beautiful nature but they also have beautiful cycling clothes. Void combines great designs -which they’re good at in Sweden- with functionality and the latest fashion in cycling. […]

How to spice up your indoor training

There are definitely two kind of cyclists during that time of the year: those who ride in all weather those who rather ride indoors As I triathlete I have the choice to use the days with shitty weather for running and the days with really shitty weather for swimming – so I’m pretty much a […]

La Ridley retreat; interviewing six absolute stars

La Ridley retreat Over the weekend of September 15-17, a group of six women joined me for a weekend retreat in Warburton, Victoria. You can read all about it here:   Interview Over the weekend, I asked each of the riders to answer three questions. Every person is unique. They each have their own […]

I conquered La Ride!

    Did you join in the fun this past September and challenge your friends to La Ride 100? Well, I did, and as a result I had a wonderful group of old and new faces join me for a lap around the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland. This September, La Ridley encouraged women across the […]