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The MTB series: an introduction

In the spirit of overused quotes, winter is coming, and in West European trend, it’s coming fast and full of horror.  If you would ask me to describe myself, one of the words in the list would be passionate. That’s the reason why I’ve been postponing getting on a MTB, because if I did, it […]

Sicily – a cycling gem

I’m addicted to the mountains but live in a flat country! Therefore, every chance I get, I pack up my bike and travel to places which feature at least some elevation in the landscape. Fortunately, I have a husband who shares my interest in cycling in the mountains. So, the basic ingredients for our vacations […]

TICC: a late little piece of summer.

I should have posted this blog a long time ago but finally, I found the time to type down what I had in mind. I already wrote a blog about ‘This Is Cambridge‘ in the past, with great pics from the included photoshoot as a result. But looking at the brand’s clothing lines, there was […]

Looking good, feeling good, riding fast.

  “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”   One of the beautiful things about the sport of cycling is all the different facets to the actual ‘art’ of riding a bike. It starts with your choice of clothing, to how you wear your hair under your helmet, then […]

The Ardennes

The Ardennes       The Hardennes               Belgium at its best. Where Anna and Alejandro, the queen and the cannibal of Belgian’s hilliest region, graced the streets with their sweat and tears. Where the ‘bergs’ are the bergiest, and the applepie tastes the sweetest.  A one day trip to my favourite part […]

Most magnificent bike I have ever ridden

Introducing this post with a caveat: reading it will make you want to go and spend all your money. Probably! I have now been the blessed owner of a Ridley Noah Fast for a month and OH MY GOD! I’m over the moon. It was love at first sight, and every time I take it […]

Exploring spring magic from behind bars

Spring has arrived and what a game changer it is! Not only for the cycling experience but for people in general. In Scandinavian countries, particularly I guess, spring has a very precious feeling to it. It’s like the return of everything hope and light. It triggers the feeling that everything good is in front of […]

Shimano Ambassador Camp Spain

Last weekend Shimano invited me to their yearly Ambassador Camp in Spain. In my mind I already saw us riding through the Spanish backcountry, climbing hills, sweating like crazy, drinking cold Coca Cola, eating ice cream and sharpening those tan lines. Well.. when we arrived at our location near Riaza Spain greeted us not with […]

The bullet cycling collection @Cirmoné

Cirmoné is “the place” to visit as a cyclist or creative person in general. It screams cycling all over the place. From a bike repare place, to a shop, to the perfect pit stop for a coffee. There is even a wooden indoor bicycle track! Home The bullet cycling collection. It’s been said more than […]

Mallorca training camp

2018 as my first year of racing on the half IRONMAN distance was quite spectacular as the year started with an(other) injury and ended with the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship – a rollercoaster ride of a year and hard to beat. So what about 2019? New years and new goals often bring a lot of […]
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