Stories of the adventurous life

Hoe kleed je jezelf voor een fietsrit

Het eerste waar ik aan denk alvorens ik mijn fiets op stap: ‘Wat doe ik nu aan’? Shirt met lange mouwen? Of toch korte mouwen? Dan misschien toch een extra laagje. Of snel nog die Buff meenemen? Pffff, keuzestress, bijna zo erg als pre-race stress. Niet onbelangrijk ook want kledij bepaald voor een groot deel […]

Ten top tips to attack gravel sectors on your road bike

Hannah’s TEN TOP TIPS for tackling gravel Off road on road Gravel road riding is very much trending at the moment! This is something that I first became involved with only five years ago. To be honest, I kind of didn’t have a choice because numerous 2013 National Road Series Tours had gravel sectors. As […]

Cobbles & bikes

With Paris – Roubaix in mind I immediately think of cobble’s. This is what I posted last year about cobbles and I still stand by every word I said.. Here are some tips for you to make your bike ride more comfortable, on the cobbles. Tires and their pressure I swear by continental 25mm wide […]

Hoe maak je je fiets ‘klimklaar’

Gewicht Bij het klimmen komt het er altijd op aan om met een zo licht mogelijk totaalgewicht onderweg te zijn. Weet je waar ik naartoe wil? Inderdaad, koop maar een slot voor op de koekenkast of op de wijnkelder. Je eetpatroon en gewoontes in de gaten houden is eigenlijk stap 1. Gelukkig is er ook […]

How to take cycling pictures on your own

It’s been ABOUT TIME to make a blogpost about this because most of the questions that reach me via Instagram are about the following questions: Who takes your pictures when you ride on your own? I pretty much ride (and also run or swim) on my own all the time because that means I’m more […]


Invest in yourself The Fondo story started in 2014 with 3 young Australian ladies, crazy about cycling but fed up with the endless array of cycling kits aimed at male cyclists and nearly no choice for women. Their goal: to create women’s kits with one priority, comfort! Choosing between comfort and cost, the choice is […]

Recovery = body language

Is it the food, foam rolling, giving your favourite masseur a visit… So many sports, so many ways to recover. But what is good for you? For example, my body has a natural slow way of repairing. If I pay the gym a visit, it can take day’s before the soreness is out of my […]

Sock game on point!

Socks are probably the most underrated accessory in our sport – and I honestly don’t understand why! As also mentioned in The Rules, socks have an important role in cycling: Rule #27: Shorts and socks should be like Goldilocks. Not too short and not too long. (…) No socks are a no-no, as are those ankle-length […]

Busy is no excuse not to ride

It all comes down to a proper schedule. Figure out what suits you best. Do you have a goal? And do you want to work towards that goal? Than you should take a calendar and start planning. What do you have to do on which day and include the hours of training you can do.  […]

The importance of strength and conditioning for cyclists

Debunking myths More time on the bike equals better performance? Chamois time is training time! If this were the case I’d be World Tour from all my current cafe time…In most cases, this myth is simply not true. Quality over quantity. If you practice going slow all day, you’ll just get really good at going […]