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A neoprene cycling backpack: NEW PHARAOH

There’s only few things triathletes love more than their bikes, their running shoes and their wetsuits – so, how perfect is it when you can wear the fabric of your wetsuit as a backpack? Sounds strange.. but is amazing. The French brand NEW PHARAOH creates exactly that: neoprene backpacks and cycling accessories. The brand is designed […]

Casual Cycling Clothes: KATUSHA

As cyclists we know really well how to dress on the bike – we have our uniform, we know the rules and we own more cycling kits than normal clothes. If you ask me, I could definitely wear active wear all day (just like in this video) – but as on some occasions it’s a little […]

A foldable commuter helmet: LID HELMET

So, what happens when a brand builds a helmet that’s totally safety-certified, made from planet-friendly material and tackles the qualms of helmets being notoriously inconvenient and hard on the eyes? – Men’s Health UK   We all know the hassle to carry and store a bike helmet – and while we love our road cycling […]

A Weekend Getaway To Mallorca

When life gives you a weekend trip to Mallorca including sunshine, mountains, beautiful beaches, the sea, riding bikes, salty swimming pools and endless roads like these – you better go for it. I generally love every season because I think every season has something super magical and special but still, my favorite season is winter […]

How to dress for an autumn ride: BIEHLER CYCLING

There are way too many cyclists (especially triathletes 😉 ) who prefer the indoor trainer over the bad weather rides. I, however, enjoy the outdoor rides a lot more – so I decided to follow the good old “there’s no such thing as bad weather – only unsuitable clothing” rule and start to ride in […]

How to spice up your indoor training

There are definitely two kind of cyclists during that time of the year: those who ride in all weather those who rather ride indoors As I triathlete I have the choice to use the days with shitty weather for running and the days with really shitty weather for swimming – so I’m pretty much a […]

A summer morning with Liz

This is a photography story about an early morning ride in august. From Liz Ke and Liz SL. I’m so much more a morning person than an evening person. I’ve always been. That probably comes from my mom. You can give your day much more when you get up early and there’s literally no better […]

What’s In My Race Bag

It’s RACE WEEK! Last year I was super calm before each race because I knew what I was capable of, because I knew how much I trained and because it was my first real triathlon season I didn’t really expect that much. So I was even more surprised about my good performance – which lead […]

Recovery Diary, Day 282 – am I ready to race?

The past year has been a rollercoaster ride at its best, it had so many ups and downs. My 2016 made a change from the excitement of having a triathlon coach and working consistent on my performance, of seeing improvements in all three disciplines, of believing in myself and of feeling really strong – to […]

A Letter To Car Drivers, Pedestrians And Fellow Cyclists

Just recently the sports (especially triathlon and cycling) world got a little darker because of the death of three cyclists. All that’s left are memories and fear – and questions over questions. We love our sport. We love how far cycling can take us. We love to climb a steep mountain pass. We love the downhill. […]