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10 Cycling Related Facts About Me

I love bike riding! So, I’ve written 10 cycling related facts down that apply to me. Perhaps you recognize some of them? I’ve been having and riding a roadbike for around 3 years now and I didn’t ever have a single flat tire – which either means I don’t ride enough or I’m just super lucky. […]

What’s In My Jersey

Cycling shorts are definitely the most important part of a cycling outfit but I’m absolutely a fan of great jerseys and of how functional they are. They don’t only look good (they do!), they are also super comfortable and offer a lot of space for things you need during your ride. Here’s what’s in my […]

Save Your Brain – Wear a Helmet

One of the things I was super scared of when I went on my first bike ride post surgery was falling off my bike and on my knee. But then again I thought: You didn’t have a single bike crash in more than 3 years – so why should you now? I still didn’t have […]

What’s the plan? What’s next?

Currently my “training” doesn’t really look like training.. which is okay because I REALLY enjoy that I have the freedom to chose whatever I and my knee feel like doing. I swim, I ride, I run, I try to increase my distance on my bike rides and my runs, but then I fall off my […]

Back to Lake Garda

If you read my first blogpost you know that my boyfriend and I keep going to Lake Garda once a year for holiday and cycling (and running and swimming and eating pizza and gelato). However, in 2016 we did a bike tour in the mountains and I for the first time noticed the pain in […]

My First Outdoor Bike Rides

I guess it doesn’t take you 114 days to get to ride a bike outdoors after an acl surgery – but well, my surgery was in winter and we had a lot of ice on the streets for quite a long time. And riding a road bike on icy streets was definitely not on the […]
Riding My Bike Finally

My First Indoor Bike Ride

As already mentioned in my last blogpost, I got to cycle only 27 days post my surgery, only two days after I was allowed to walk without crutches and without my brace. I walked into my room at my physiotherapist and he just smiled at me because he was so happy to see me without […]

Things I Learned During My Injury

A few things I learned in the first 8 weeks post my acl reconstruction were rather painful – both mental and physical. However, I feel like some of these also fit quite good for any big injury you have. So I decided to write some of those things down and share them on the LaRidley-Blog: […]

Pfieuw! Bad Legs! Or not?

Coming back from an injury is a pain. But not coming back is even worse. Since 2013 my boyfriend and I keep going to Lake Garda, mostly as a main holiday and ‘us-time’ but as an active couple we always pack the car with all our sports equipment: wetsuit, swim suit, running shoes – and […]