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Powertraining on my indoor trainer..

As a cyclist we don’t want to gain weight, but we do want to gain strength and muscles. During the wintertraining it is important to level up that strength and your speed level. My way of doing that is on my indoor trainer. In the video below i’m going to show you how I do […]

Car life

Car life.. I’m typing this blog whilst sitting in the car for a 11hr ride.. again. I’m heading home this time. My team decided that we should participate in the PostNord Ladies Crit in Denmark. That”s a crit before the final of the men’s first stage. (They have a 5 day stage). We got an invitation […]

Motivation what’s in a word..

Motivation what’s in a word.. Some of you have been asking me the same question throughout this season. What drives me, what is the main reason I keep on pushing the levels of cycling and life – yes I like to push the buttons but somethimes I push one to many Let’s put this straight […]

Oat to the meal & water to heal

In women’s cycling we often have to start racing early. The main reason is the distance or there is an other event on the same day/place. Whatever the timetable may be, you have to eat a good meal so that your body has fuel for the race. You’re engine needs to be as filled as […]

How to reduce scars

We women often like to do some adventurous things or activities. That goes hand in hand with the principal of trial and error. – I ‘errored’ a lot and will still go full speed. Hard lessons aren’t always learned. We get scratched, bruised or worse burned. At least we try and nothing can hold us back. […]

The Comeback or the throwback (after my crash)?

It’s been a month, actually 6 weeks since my crash. I had to make up my mind of when I was coming back in the peloton. I know myself, if I plan this too much, I won’t go through with it. Just because I would push myself too much. Cycling is still a hobby. So […]

Nationals should be D-Day..

Nationals should be D-Day.. My last week for nationals is a bit hazy.. I worked everyday and had almost everyday overtime. Due to urgent calls, we can’t ignore people and say “hey shifts over, call again next time”. No we (the police) are here to help people. So the little time I had left I […]

What Defines A Crash

Disappointment … that is the key word that describes my last weekend. So, it’s been a week. A week full of tears, pain (a lot of pain – not only physical, but mentally too), and disappointment. It was the first weekend in a month I was free, free of duty. So I said to myself let’s […]

New Bike Day

We all know the exciting feeling of getting new toys AKA gifts. The only difference between now and when I was a kid is that I can’t jump around and jell anymore – I could but people would look funny at me. But hey, sometimes joy takes over and I do it anyway. Last Friday I woke […]

Winters Equals Sickness..

Last Saturday I woke up with that annoying feeling at the back of my throat. Like something is stuck between my tongue and trachea. Bit like the times when you were little, mom made sausage with stamped potato. You had to chew like a 1000 times to make sure nothing stayed behind or you could suffocate. Oh dear, […]