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Embracing you for you; stand out and shine!

Here’s a shout out to any woman or girl who doesn’t think she fits in to the crowd and is constantly asking herself in what ways she can change, in the hope that means she will be accepted as part of a group. Own yourself. Develop. Grow. Build. But don’t you change for anyone just […]

La Ridley retreat; interviewing six absolute stars

La Ridley retreat Over the weekend of September 15-17, a group of six women joined me for a weekend retreat in Warburton, Victoria. You can read all about it here: http://www.laridley.com/uncategorized/inaugural-la-ridley-retreat-exploring-yarra-valley/   Interview Over the weekend, I asked each of the riders to answer three questions. Every person is unique. They each have their own […]

Fighting fit, welcome to the Zwift Academy

September events September was a huge month. We had La Ride, a 100 km challenge to be completed in the month of September. We also had the beginning of the Zwift Academy. What is Zwift? It’s an online, virtual reality program where you can ride, race or workout with people from all over the world. […]

The inaugural La Ridley Retreat; exploring the Yarra Valley

The retreat I had the idea of holding a retreat for a weekend, which would encompass a day for ‘La Ride’. After a few different ideas, I eventually came up with a date and location and advertised the ride on Facebook through a few channels. When it came time to commit, we had a group […]

Surpassing your limits; triple digits and beyond

ONE.HUNDRED.KILOMETRES That first triple digit ride. It’s a milestone many of us cyclists or triathletes earmark when we begin and so many remember their first vividly. I would be lying if I said I can recall my first hundred. I know that I would’ve been fourteen, it would have been in country Tasmania and I’m […]

Falling back in love with the world of cyclocross

The excitement I was first hooked by cyclocross when my former team mate Carla took it up. She spoke so enthusiastically about this discipline of cycling. My first memory of spectating was a national round in Adelaide. Tasmanian mountain biking superstars Sid Taberlay and Rowena Fry were racing. I was absolutely mesmerised and immediately hooked. […]

A day in the life of an Aussie Cycling Physiotherapist

Following on from my previous two blogs regarding life balance, I would like to write about a typical work day for me! This will show how I fit everything in. My Wednesday schedule 5 AM: My boyfriend’s alarm goes off, he works an hour away so he is up bright and early every morning! 5 30 […]

Balance is not Something You Find, it’s Something You Create

What do a balance-beam, a see-saw, a set of scales and a person’s life have in common? a search for balance. In the modern day and age, there are so many factors vying for our attention and for our time. As women, our role in society has progressed. Where once the men were the bread winners […]

Commute Your Way To A Better Life Balance

 Why commute? Is there anything better to prepare for a busy day at work than to spend time to yourself, spinning the legs over, passing paddocks of cows, alpacas, goats and sheep? I find it helps to waken me up, ready to tackle whatever may come my way that day. On the way home, I […]

The Beauty that is Bright

The word ‘bright’ instantly makes me think of good things. Sunshine, light, boldness, even higher intelligence. It sounds like a positive word. So it seems quite fitting that a lovely little town in the Ovens Valley, Victoria (Australia for those reading from overseas) should be named Bright. A few fun facts about Bright Bright is […]
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