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La Ridley-Isadore


If you are following the latest trends in world of cycling clothing, you have definitely heard of Isadore apparel. Or even better, you’ve seen their kits and maybe/hopefully have one yourself. Only looking at the logo, you can see that their clothing lines have a retro touch, they call it timeless designs. I would also […]

TIC – This is Cambridge

Happy I’m so delighted to introduce to you the brand TIC! Their kit designs look happy and therefor make happy. And isn’t that what we all want? In a world dominated by the color grey (in 50 shades…), TIC does the sheering-up. Yay I say! Peloton style TIC is an independent brand with no external investors/ […]
Void Cycling

VOID Cycling

Void Cycling is a brand of cycling clothes from the northern part of Europe. Scandinavia, Sweden to be more precise. It’s great to ride your bikes over there. Beautiful nature but they also have beautiful cycling clothes. Void combines great designs -which they’re good at in Sweden- with functionality and the latest fashion in cycling. […]

La Ride: Ready. Set. Go!

We arrived in the month September which means you should be ready to finish off the 1ookm of La Ride. At least the women who started preparing at the same time as the training schedules were posted. For all the ladies who plan to do their La Ride later in the month, underneath you can […]


Maybe Vermarc doesn’t immediately ring a bell  but if you look around closely in the peloton or during group rides there are surprisingly many riders wearing clothing with the name Vermarc. This is a true Belgian brand founded by Frans Verbeeck in 1977. It’s the rider famous for his statement after the Tour of Flanders […]
La Ride

La Ride training week 8: the finishing touch!

As La Ride is coming very close now, it is time for the finishing touch! That means that we put some serious training volume in this week’s schedule. It will only make riding 100k’s so much easier and more fun. So keep the discipline going! Together with long training rides, saddle sores often come along. […]
La Ride training

Training week 6: you’ve got some (specific) work to do!

It is time to get serious now. You have arrived in the next training phase which means that preparations will get more specific. We will focus much more on the details now. Exciting! because this means the targeted goal is coming closer. Be prepared Especially before the specific training sessions (training 1 and 2), it […]

Training schedule week 5! Time for a “break”.

Lucky you! This week we spoil you with an easier training schedule. We just finished a training block. You probably felt that your body was getting a bit tired. So this is the perfect time for a break! Training effect Don’t be worried, you won’t lose any shape by training a little less intensive for […]

La Ride: training schedule week 4!

We arrived at week 4 and hopefully training is going well. Next week we will start a new training block. For this week the training sessions will again get just that bit longer. It isn’t always easy to keep every training session interesting. Sometimes you will bust yourself watching your chrono twice during the same […]