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Science, fashion and Swiss perfection in one: interesting cycling wear by X-Bionic

X-Bionic first started making breathable sports underwear. Nowadays this brand evolved to making sports clothes with the same advantages but newest technologies.  Their engineers make use of high-tech research and innovative materials. no detail is superfluous, every fiber has a function. Every product is a sophisticated construction that integrate the body perfectly into its specific sporting […]
La Ride

La Ride: training schedule week 2.

Your first training week is past and it probably took you some time to figure everything out. That is perfectly normal. Cycling might seem easy but if you want to do it with the right built up and good technique it asks for some discipline. That is what training is all about! The right portion of […]
La Ride training

Here we go! La Ride training schedule week one!

It’s time to get active! Your first training schedule is waiting for you. But first some simple info we like you to know. Heart rate monitor It is a must to train with a heart rate monitor. You have to know what you are doing while training to prevent you from training too hard or […]
La ride challenge

Train with La Ridley and do the La Ride 100

We are all members of a women’s community in which cycling takes a (big) part of our lives. We breathe it, we dream about it, we live it. Life is (like)  a bike ride. Cycling is a lifestyle. As cyclists the comfortzone isn’t a place that makes us happy. Happiness comes from going faster, longer, […]
wheel change

How do you change a wheel?

In Europe the summer holidays are about to start. As many of us can’t live without their bikes, why not take your best friend with you on vacation? To safe space it’s best to take the wheel (s) out. As this procedure is also the first step when having a flat tyre, it is a […]


In Belgium summer arrived. You can see it on the roads, they are packed with cyclists. The sun seems to give the people high amounts of energy. The newest bikes with matching outfits finally found their ways out of the shops and houses accompanied with the biggest smiles. We made today ‘new kit day’ as […]

How It Is To Be a Rider’s Mummy

Who is the first person you think of when you are suffering on your bike so much that you feel like your about to die? Your mother! At least, that’s what I do. In my mind it goes like: “Mummy, help me!”. And that’s because my mother has always been there for me. She is […]

Are Compression Socks Useful? [video]

First of all, compression socks? What? What are those? Socks that are actually one size too small? Football socks? Compression Socks help actually your blood flow and increase the recovery of your calves. One downside, they are so tight, it’s so difficult to put them on. But, with this two-step how to I know I can […]

The ‘Joy’ Of Time Trialling

The season is about one month far and my first time trial is coming up. For me this is quite an important event because my first biggest goal this year, will be the national championships ITT (individual time trial). From week one, a training session on the tt-bike is integrated in my schedule. Even though […]