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Make your Roller Training fun! [video]

When outdoor training is impossible this indoor training (roller training) session could be a good alternative. Great to improve your pedal technique while you’re doing some extensive riding. Try to keep the pedal frequency high and the movement smooth. Time will fly! Example: 15min warming up 1min right leg, 1min both legs, 1min left leg, […]

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Part 2: The Race

When you arrive at the team hotel the time starts flying. Together with my teammate Jessie we got there at 16h30. One whole evening left. But with massage, team meeting and dinner and… some good old gossip it is bedtime before you know it. It is nice to have an hour of massage before the […]

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Part 1: Preparations

It’s that time of the year again. Where you feel the spring in the air but still the winter isn’t gone. It’s when the people in Belgium start their conversations about cycling instead of the weather. The TV shows commercials about bikes, Belgian beer and Tom Boonen. It’s the time of the first spring classic: […]

How to wash your bike

Winter time is no argument to stop riding outside and since we are part of the Ridley women’s community, #BeTOUGH is our lifestyle. But, sadly, bikes get dirty much faster in wet weather. Clean bikes not only look better, but they work better and even go faster. A regular wash will keep your Ridley free […]

How To Translate Cycling Language

Riding a bike is one thing but talking about it, another. In the world of cycling we use a lot a bike specific terms. Cycling language if you want. If you join a bunch of male riders on your Sunday morning spin, you’ve certainly had your introduction. Want to impress your fellow male cyclists? Learn […]

The Earrings Of Marianne Vos

Pro Cyclists have sponsors. Helmet sponsors, cycling kit sponsors, bike sponsors and so on. But what caught my eye? Marianne Vos her earrings. Fashionably green. A perfect match with her outfit. The first week of 2017, she has already 2 victories and countless pictures of her and her green earrings. I thought it was time […]

From Ballerina To Bike Rider

At the age of 33 I’m considered grandmother in my sports. But my race experience can be compared with the one of a junior rider. I am a professional cyclist for the Lotto Soudal Ladies with 4 cycling seasons in my legs and a history in sports of 23 years. In other words, you can’t […]

Big Butts And Moustaches

Most people think that women’s cycling is a sport for mannish girls, virago’s. Well, that’s what the cliché says. I believe to be the proof that this is (if even was) no longer the case. In my casual clothes nobody will ever think I bicycle (in a bikini it’s hard to hide; tan lines…). Sports […]