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How To Translate Cycling Language

Riding a bike is one thing but talking about it, another. In the world of cycling we use a lot a bike specific terms. Cycling language if you want. If you join a bunch of male riders on your Sunday morning spin, you’ve certainly had your introduction. Want to impress your fellow male cyclists? Learn […]

The Earrings Of Marianne Vos

Pro Cyclists have sponsors. Helmet sponsors, cycling kit sponsors, bike sponsors and so on. But what caught my eye? Marianne Vos her earrings. Fashionably green. A perfect match with her outfit. The first week of 2017, she has already 2 victories and countless pictures of her and her green earrings. I thought it was time […]

From Ballerina To Bike Rider

At the age of 33 I’m considered grandmother in my sports. But my race experience can be compared with the one of a junior rider. I am a professional cyclist for the Lotto Soudal Ladies with 4 cycling seasons in my legs and a history in sports of 23 years. In other words, you can’t […]

Big Butts And Moustaches

Most people think that women’s cycling is a sport for mannish girls, virago’s. Well, that’s what the cliché says. I believe to be the proof that this is (if even was) no longer the case. In my casual clothes nobody will ever think I bicycle (in a bikini it’s hard to hide; tan lines…). Sports […]