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How to become a more confident criterium racer

Step one… have fun! I’m coming into week 6 of being in the USA, and approaching the final 10 days of racing with my team Roxsolt Attaquer. I say “my” team, because I really feel like they are becoming my team. We have all certainly bonded over the past few weeks, and it seems like […]

Top Tips To Enjoying The Ride – A Guide For All

I’ve  always been a person who has just enjoyed simply riding my bike, with no structure, no efforts, just pure freedom to ride as fast or as slow as I want. This is something my coaches over the years weren’t so keen on, efforts are important and following a training schedule, of course. I adopted […]
Stop and Enjoy, I said smiling at the camera

Ride, Pause, Think, Repeat

  Hurry, Hurry, oh, no, wait, why? One thing I have always struggled with in all aspects with my life is the ability to slow down and enjoy the moment. For example, this morning at breakfast, there was no need to rush, I had absolutely no where to be, however I found myself agitated, wanting to hurry […]
Loren Rowney Crazy about Belgium / Cobbles

Life in Belgium… – It ain’t so bad after all

I never thought I would say the words “I’m going to miss Belgium”. Yes, there it is everyone, I have grown to like this small country we foreigners (I think it is a cycling thing) refer to as the “arm pit of Europe”. 10 Points for Belgium Maybe it is the fact that I’m no […]

Waffles, Rainy Days And My First Day At Work

It’s been 6 weeks and 5 days since I announced my retirement to the Cycling world, and finally, the roller coaster of emotions is beginning to settle, and I’m starting to find my feet again. I made the decision to pack my suitcase and head to Europe only a few weeks ago. Much to my […]
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