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La Ridley bloggers
La Ridley bloggers

La Ridley bloggers share their passion for cycling with you.

At La Ridley we aim to create a community of tough women with a passion for sport. In particular, a passion for all things involving cycling and our bike. We share with you our tips, tricks and experience and work closely with you, our reader. Because we know that women are -even- stonger when working together. We would like to show you how cycling inspires us and teaches us great life lessons. Always bringing original and entertaining content for you. Let us introduce ourselves:

Isabelle Beckers

At the age of 34 I’m considered grandmother in my sports. But my race experience can be compared with the one of a junior rider. I am a professional cyclist for the Lotto Soudal Ladies with 4 cycling seasons in my legs and a history in sports of 23 years.

Elisabeth Kellerer

Hi, my name is Liz. I’m happy to share my recovery story on the La Ridley blog to motivate other girls & women who struggle with an injury, to show them how you can take the positive aspects of a lesson like this and also to show you what an important role cycling had in all of this!

Fatima Berton

My name is Berton Fatima, I'm a strong headed 24 jear old, who loves to stirr the world of men up, a bit of a feminist. My first passion is my bike, second my job. (Law enforcement officer). I'm also a family woman who loves her pets and her cyclingnut of a boyfriend to.

Camilla Magnussen

Our Scandinavian connection!

Guest Bloggers

Our community is filled with awesome ladies and Wonderfull stories. It would be a pity if we couldn't give them a platform to tell their stories on.