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The Ardennes

The Ardennes       The Hardennes               Belgium at its best. Where Anna and Alejandro, the queen and the cannibal of Belgian’s hilliest region, graced the streets with their sweat and tears. Where the ‘bergs’ are the bergiest, and the applepie tastes the sweetest.  A one day trip to my favourite part […]

Food for thought

  Nutrition is a subject I have always been very interested in, and at the same time, scared of, Calorie counting is something I think that most of us have done at times. Trying to gauge whether you can eat something based on the caloric amount. I personally hate how in the USA, everywhere you […]

How to fuel your body the right way.

Understanding how to fuel your body to become a better athlete. If there is one thing I wish I had learnt more about as a young athlete, it would have been the importance around feeling your body. I say this, and then I stop and think to myself, that perhaps based on my personality type, […]

Oat to the meal & water to heal

In women’s cycling we often have to start racing early. The main reason is the distance or there is an other event on the same day/place. Whatever the timetable may be, you have to eat a good meal so that your body has fuel for the race. You’re engine needs to be as filled as […]

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Part 1: Preparations

It’s that time of the year again. Where you feel the spring in the air but still the winter isn’t gone. It’s when the people in Belgium start their conversations about cycling instead of the weather. The TV shows commercials about bikes, Belgian beer and Tom Boonen. It’s the time of the first spring classic: […]