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Loren Rowney Crazy about Belgium / Cobbles

Life in Belgium… – It ain’t so bad after all

I never thought I would say the words “I’m going to miss Belgium”. Yes, there it is everyone, I have grown to like this small country we foreigners (I think it is a cycling thing) refer to as the “arm pit of Europe”. 10 Points for Belgium Maybe it is the fact that I’m no […]

Back to Lake Garda

If you read my first blogpost you know that my boyfriend and I keep going to Lake Garda once a year for holiday and cycling (and running and swimming and eating pizza and gelato). However, in 2016 we did a bike tour in the mountains and I for the first time noticed the pain in […]

Huge Lizards, Snowy Mountains without Snow and Heart Melting Koalas

‘What’s today?’ asked Piglet, ‘my favourite day’, said Pooh. I jumped out of bed, the count down on my phone read zero. I screamed out in glee to my partner ‘woohooo!’ It was finally time! Our long awaited adventure was here. The Plan A ten night road trip with my partner Roey. We start at the […]
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