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A Weekend Getaway To Mallorca

When life gives you a weekend trip to Mallorca including sunshine, mountains, beautiful beaches, the sea, riding bikes, salty swimming pools and endless roads like these – you better go for it. I generally love every season because I think every season has something super magical and special but still, my favorite season is winter […]

Powertraining on my indoor trainer..

As a cyclist we don’t want to gain weight, but we do want to gain strength and muscles. During the wintertraining it is important to level up that strength and your speed level. My way of doing that is on my indoor trainer. In the video below i’m going to show you how I do […]

How to spice up your indoor training

There are definitely two kind of cyclists during that time of the year: those who ride in all weather those who rather ride indoors As I triathlete I have the choice to use the days with shitty weather for running and the days with really shitty weather for swimming – so I’m pretty much a […]

Top tips to conquering La Ride!

It is September , which means time for “La Ride 100” . Have you planned a ride yet? Trained up for it? Thought about how you’re going to tackle it? If not, no worries, I have some tips so you can still organise and conquer your own “La Ride”. Tip one : Ride buddies – […]

How to fuel your body the right way.

Understanding how to fuel your body to become a better athlete. If there is one thing I wish I had learnt more about as a young athlete, it would have been the importance around feeling your body. I say this, and then I stop and think to myself, that perhaps based on my personality type, […]

What’s In My Race Bag

It’s RACE WEEK! Last year I was super calm before each race because I knew what I was capable of, because I knew how much I trained and because it was my first real triathlon season I didn’t really expect that much. So I was even more surprised about my good performance – which lead […]

How to reduce scars

We women often like to do some adventurous things or activities. That goes hand in hand with the principal of trial and error. – I ‘errored’ a lot and will still go full speed. Hard lessons aren’t always learned. We get scratched, bruised or worse burned. At least we try and nothing can hold us back. […]
wheel change

How do you change a wheel?

In Europe the summer holidays are about to start. As many of us can’t live without their bikes, why not take your best friend with you on vacation? To safe space it’s best to take the wheel (s) out. As this procedure is also the first step when having a flat tyre, it is a […]

How to become a more confident criterium racer

Step one… have fun! I’m coming into week 6 of being in the USA, and approaching the final 10 days of racing with my team Roxsolt Attaquer. I say “my” team, because I really feel like they are becoming my team. We have all certainly bonded over the past few weeks, and it seems like […]

What Do You Take Along When You Go Out Riding? [Video]

Do you wonder what you should be taking with you when you go out for a bike ride? No worries, Isabelle tells you the basics. In a nutshell, always make sure you’ve got the following things with you: Spare inner tire: logic, no? Pump: the most easy of them all. When you’ve got a flat, […]
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