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Training week 6: you’ve got some (specific) work to do!

It is time to get serious now. You have arrived in the next training phase which means that preparations will get more specific. We will focus much more on the details now. Exciting! because this means the targeted goal is coming closer. Be prepared Especially before the specific training sessions (training 1 and 2), it […]

Training schedule week 5! Time for a “break”.

Lucky you! This week we spoil you with an easier training schedule. We just finished a training block. You probably felt that your body was getting a bit tired. So this is the perfect time for a break! Training effect Don’t be worried, you won’t lose any shape by training a little less intensive for […]

La Ride: training schedule week 4!

We arrived at week 4 and hopefully training is going well. Next week we will start a new training block. For this week the training sessions will again get just that bit longer. It isn’t always easy to keep every training session interesting. Sometimes you will bust yourself watching your chrono twice during the same […]
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La Ride: training schedule week 2.

Your first training week is past and it probably took you some time to figure everything out. That is perfectly normal. Cycling might seem easy but if you want to do it with the right built up and good technique it asks for some discipline. That is what training is all about! The right portion of […]
La Ride training

Here we go! La Ride training schedule week one!

It’s time to get active! Your first training schedule is waiting for you. But first some simple info we like you to know. Heart rate monitor It is a must to train with a heart rate monitor. You have to know what you are doing while training to prevent you from training too hard or […]
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Train with La Ridley and do the La Ride 100

We are all members of a women’s community in which cycling takes a (big) part of our lives. We breathe it, we dream about it, we live it. Life is (like)  a bike ride. Cycling is a lifestyle. As cyclists the comfortzone isn’t a place that makes us happy. Happiness comes from going faster, longer, […]