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Latte Macchiato For A Chameleon?

Hi! I’m Linda! A working and devoted cycling mom of 3 and competing in (inter)national cyclocross races. That’s a tricky combination and it can be quite hard to get all the hours of training I’d like. Of course I want to give my kids all the attention they need, make sure they can play with […]

10 Cycling Related Facts About Me

I love bike riding! So, I’ve written 10 cycling related facts down that apply to me. Perhaps you recognize some of them? I’ve been having and riding a roadbike for around 3 years now and I didn’t ever have a single flat tire – which either means I don’t ride enough or I’m just super lucky. […]

What’s In My Jersey

Cycling shorts are definitely the most important part of a cycling outfit but I’m absolutely a fan of great jerseys and of how functional they are. They don’t only look good (they do!), they are also super comfortable and offer a lot of space for things you need during your ride. Here’s what’s in my […]
Stop and Enjoy, I said smiling at the camera

Ride, Pause, Think, Repeat

  Hurry, Hurry, oh, no, wait, why? One thing I have always struggled with in all aspects with my life is the ability to slow down and enjoy the moment. For example, this morning at breakfast, there was no need to rush, I had absolutely no where to be, however I found myself agitated, wanting to hurry […]
Loren Rowney Crazy about Belgium / Cobbles

Life in Belgium… – It ain’t so bad after all

I never thought I would say the words “I’m going to miss Belgium”. Yes, there it is everyone, I have grown to like this small country we foreigners (I think it is a cycling thing) refer to as the “arm pit of Europe”. 10 Points for Belgium Maybe it is the fact that I’m no […]

Save Your Brain – Wear a Helmet

One of the things I was super scared of when I went on my first bike ride post surgery was falling off my bike and on my knee. But then again I thought: You didn’t have a single bike crash in more than 3 years – so why should you now? I still didn’t have […]

How’s The Serenity? Commuter Cup, Valley Style!

I type my final note, shut down my laptop and walk to the kitchen. My clothes are hanging, spread out amongst the room on any piece of furniture possible. My colleagues refer to it as my ‘chinese laundry’. I gather up my belongings, change, wave good night and head to the shed. As I turn […]

Waffles, Rainy Days And My First Day At Work

It’s been 6 weeks and 5 days since I announced my retirement to the Cycling world, and finally, the roller coaster of emotions is beginning to settle, and I’m starting to find my feet again. I made the decision to pack my suitcase and head to Europe only a few weeks ago. Much to my […]

Winters Equals Sickness..

Last Saturday I woke up with that annoying feeling at the back of my throat. Like something is stuck between my tongue and trachea. Bit like the times when you were little, mom made sausage with stamped potato. You had to chew like a 1000 times to make sure nothing stayed behind or you could suffocate. Oh dear, […]