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When flu keeps you off the bike

How I’ve learned to make the most of forced breaks from cycling Apologies! This post has only a little cycling in it! However, I’m sure it’s recognisable to some of you. It’s about how to survive when you catch the flu. Oh yeah, it’s that season and it sure has been particularly tough on me […]

Only half crazy – my IRONMAN 70.3 journey

If you’ve been following my older blog posts you might know that I’ve been struggling with a nasty knee injury for about two years. After I got surgery in October 2016 I finally did my comeback race in august 2017 – a sprint distance triathlon in my hometown. Since then I’ve been working really, really hard […]

Recovery = body language

Is it the food, foam rolling, giving your favourite masseur a visit… So many sports, so many ways to recover. But what is good for you? For example, my body has a natural slow way of repairing. If I pay the gym a visit, it can take day’s before the soreness is out of my […]

What’s In My Race Bag

It’s RACE WEEK! Last year I was super calm before each race because I knew what I was capable of, because I knew how much I trained and because it was my first real triathlon season I didn’t really expect that much. So I was even more surprised about my good performance – which lead […]

Recovery Diary, Day 282 – am I ready to race?

The past year has been a rollercoaster ride at its best, it had so many ups and downs. My 2016 made a change from the excitement of having a triathlon coach and working consistent on my performance, of seeing improvements in all three disciplines, of believing in myself and of feeling really strong – to […]

The Comeback or the throwback (after my crash)?

It’s been a month, actually 6 weeks since my crash. I had to make up my mind of when I was coming back in the peloton. I know myself, if I plan this too much, I won’t go through with it. Just because I would push myself too much. Cycling is still a hobby. So […]

My Top 5 Motivational Videos

These are some short films that motivate me A LOT to go out and swim, bike, run! Jan Frodeno’s Long Distance World Record race at Challenge Roth last year: Jan Frodeno.. again. An older video but so honest and so good:   The most beautiful swim style I’ve ever seen: One of the most touching […]

What Defines A Crash

Disappointment … that is the key word that describes my last weekend. So, it’s been a week. A week full of tears, pain (a lot of pain – not only physical, but mentally too), and disappointment. It was the first weekend in a month I was free, free of duty. So I said to myself let’s […]

Save Your Brain – Wear a Helmet

One of the things I was super scared of when I went on my first bike ride post surgery was falling off my bike and on my knee. But then again I thought: You didn’t have a single bike crash in more than 3 years – so why should you now? I still didn’t have […]

What’s the plan? What’s next?

Currently my “training” doesn’t really look like training.. which is okay because I REALLY enjoy that I have the freedom to chose whatever I and my knee feel like doing. I swim, I ride, I run, I try to increase my distance on my bike rides and my runs, but then I fall off my […]
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