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Back to Lake Garda

If you read my first blogpost you know that my boyfriend and I keep going to Lake Garda once a year for holiday and cycling (and running and swimming and eating pizza and gelato). However, in 2016 we did a bike tour in the mountains and I for the first time noticed the pain in […]

My First Outdoor Bike Rides

I guess it doesn’t take you 114 days to get to ride a bike outdoors after an acl surgery – but well, my surgery was in winter and we had a lot of ice on the streets for quite a long time. And riding a road bike on icy streets was definitely not on the […]
Riding My Bike Finally

My First Indoor Bike Ride

As already mentioned in my last blogpost, I got to cycle only 27 days post my surgery, only two days after I was allowed to walk without crutches and without my brace. I walked into my room at my physiotherapist and he just smiled at me because he was so happy to see me without […]

Things I Learned During My Injury

A few things I learned in the first 8 weeks post my acl reconstruction were rather painful – both mental and physical. However, I feel like some of these also fit quite good for any big injury you have. So I decided to write some of those things down and share them on the LaRidley-Blog: […]

Winters Equals Sickness..

Last Saturday I woke up with that annoying feeling at the back of my throat. Like something is stuck between my tongue and trachea. Bit like the times when you were little, mom made sausage with stamped potato. You had to chew like a 1000 times to make sure nothing stayed behind or you could suffocate. Oh dear, […]

Pfieuw! Bad Legs! Or not?

Coming back from an injury is a pain. But not coming back is even worse. Since 2013 my boyfriend and I keep going to Lake Garda, mostly as a main holiday and ‘us-time’ but as an active couple we always pack the car with all our sports equipment: wetsuit, swim suit, running shoes – and […]
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