I’ve been lucky once again. A post package arrived. It had the logo of a scorpion and was filled with fancy packed cycling clothing. Time for a photo shoot! Doing photo shoots is not my speciality. It always makes me pretty insecure. But when you can wear clothing that fits perfectly well and has a simple but stylish design, this little job becomes a lot more fun.

By wearing and testing the Castelli cycling clothing, I can state that this brand is situated as a top of the range. Castelli is continuously innovating. With team Sky wearing their gear, you can be sure that every piece of clothing is made of the highest (and fastest) fabric quality. As usual good quality comes with a (higher) price. The good thing is, it’s is worth every cent. Because you know you bought yourself a piece of cycling clothing that not only looks good, it also has a great fit and will service you for a long period of time.

Cycling has to be fun at all times. Times including cold or even wet weather. Certainly in these conditions Castelli knows as the best how to protect the rider. With hi-tech fabrics that insolate and keep the skin dry at the same time, special seems and the most precise fit, you don’t have to be a professional to see that I am talking about Italian cycling fashion. Oh yes, you can label Castelli as fashion. Italy is well known for their great fashion designers. Also in this case, it’s obvious that specialists worked on the cuts until a degree of perfection. A great cut with a nice design makes beautifully fitting cycling clothing that makes heads turn.

Women’s cycling collection
And to finish off my blog with a fun fact, do you know that in 1996 Castelli introduced their first women’s cycling collection? This been said, check out how it looks these days in our little photo shoot. #RideInStyle? I think so!

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  • Camilla Magnussen
    I think you look smashing in that Castelli outfit, Isabelle :-)

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