A foldable commuter helmet: LID HELMET

So, what happens when a brand builds a helmet that’s totally safety-certified, made from planet-friendly material and tackles the qualms of helmets being notoriously inconvenient and hard on the eyes?
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We all know the hassle to carry and store a bike helmet – and while we love our road cycling and aero helmets, commuter helmets are often not that stylish and helmets ruin your hair (y’all know). Those were several reasons why I was wasn’t wearing a helmet when I fell off my bike earlier this year (read about it here). So when LID Helmets contacted my and asked me to test their foldable (like, what?!) commuter helmet, I was like “HELL YES, that might be the solution to it all!”.

LID Helmets is a lifestyle bike helmet brand, specialising in head protection for urban, commuter cyclists who demand convenience, style, safety and comfort. The guys from LID Helmets what to see more people cycling in cities. It’s good for the environment and its great for your health. Their helmet is designed to fit your bag, fit your head and fit your style. They even make their helmets from recycled components.

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s what it looks like!

✓ Foldable helmet that fits your head and bag
✓ Air vents keep you cool
✓ Five color options to fit any style
✓ Made with eco-friendly materials
✓ Officially safety certified
✓ Early backers save 50%
✓ Delivery May 2018

On their campaign on IndieGoGo LID helmet explains more about their helmet and you can support their campaign (which reached the funding target within only 7 days!).
Find more about it here.


photos by Laurin Ring, www.laurinring.de, @laurin_foto


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