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The Fondo story started in 2014 with 3 young Australian ladies, crazy about cycling but fed up with the endless array of cycling kits aimed at male cyclists and nearly no choice for women. Their goal: to create women’s kits with one priority, comfort! Choosing between comfort and cost, the choice is easily made. Comfort wins every time. Fondo aims for the best quality in materials and riding experience. ‘Fondo butts are comfy butts‘, they say. Some characteristics explaining this:

  • ultra light
  • cut to hug the body
  • rubber elastic grippers on the waist band
  • longer sleeves
  • top quality women’s specific chamois
  • opaque fabric that does not see trough

Feminine look

And you CAN take Fondo’s word for it. Experience told me so. But not only it’s the quality that distinguishes this brand, it’s their look. The patterns and colours that are used, give the outfits a very feminine touch without making them too girly. Nice details are also that Fondo uses fabrics that are shiny and firm (for the bibs). Which makes a Fondo butt, a nice looking butt…  😉  (we all check our behinds in the mirror and when the result looks better than before it’s a happy-making argument to buy)

Check our photo shoot and see if you can agree.

Cycling kit ‘Honey’

Cycling kit ‘Astro’

For the whole collection, Fondo’s website:





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