Cois Cycling Legacy

As a bunch of cycling freaks we want to have our bikes with us everywhere we go. Even if taking it to bed was an option, we probably would. So next to all the chamois (in style of course) time, wearing bike inspired casual clothes is making a statement. We love cycling! And let this be a coincidence… Cois makes cycling go casual. And even beside t-shirts and sweatshirts with well-thought designs, cycling jerseys are coming up next.

And if not only for wearing yourself, is there a better birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s gift to think of when it concerns a cycling loving loved one?

Chain my heart sweatshirt , how appropriate!

Before giving an introduction of the collection, some background information. Of the really cool kind actually.
Founder Tom doesn’t have his cycling passion from strangers. It’s in his genes. Granddad Francois aka Cois is the guilty one.

Cois became the Belgian national champion four times in his career. He also took part in the legendary 1936 Berlin Olympics and also proved his cycling skills in all the major 6-day races as a track cyclist.

In the 60’s Francois became a pacer for the best track cyclists (legendary Eddy Merckx was one of them).

(a young Eddy Merckx as a pacer for Çois, just for fun)

Later, François became the manager of the Mann-Grundig pro team. 
Under his management the team won the UCI World Cup twice.

Tom’s grandfather was passionate about cycling, style, and good music. That’s exactly what Çois is all about.

But now, let’s take a look!

Let’s get lost T-shirt

Thank God it’s rideday cycling cap

Spin me round T-shirt

Chain my heart sweatshirt

Talk less ride more sweatshirt & t-shirt

Heart core sweatshirt

Special thanks to the La Bottega shop and bistro for letting us use there accommodation for the photo shoot.

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