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Stylish cycling clothing from Velits
If you are following the latest trends in world of cycling clothing, you have definitely heard of Isadore apparel. Or even better, you’ve seen their kits and maybe/hopefully have one yourself. Only looking at the logo, you can see that their clothing lines have a retro touch, they call it timeless designs. I would also describe Isadore as stylish, high quality, unique cycling wear. Even without seeing the logo on the clothes you can easily recognise the brand from it’s style. Except for the black pants, a lot of off-colours are used in the designs of the jerseys which give them a rich look. Simplicity is key but the details and finish makes a cyclist curious about the next collection. I dare to call Isadore the haute couture of cycling!

Velits brothers

Knowing who’s founder of Isadore, adds even more value to the clothes. Isadore Apparel was from the very beginning created on the foundations of the Velits brothers (Martin and Peter). Rings a bell? Both Peter and Martin were professional World Tour cyclists but quite recently they retired from pro-cycling to focus more on their other passion, their own clothing brand. They have the knowledge of what works on the road and what doesn’t. Hours and hours and thousands of kilometres in the Pro cycling peloton translate in the attention to detailing. Which translates to me as pretty reliable cycling gear.

But not only the brothers are running the company. The whole family is involved. Dad behind the counter of his cycling store, Mum overseeing logistics and even the dog got a job as ‘Head of security’.


The brandname “Isadore” has something mysterious about it. There’s no way you would be able to guess where it comes from without getting a hint. Well, both of the Velits brothers are fans of the band “Incubus”. Incubus wrote the song with title: “Isadore” which sounded pretty cool to Martin and Peter. And since then their ‘baby’ got its name.
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A large part of the Isadore collections is manufactured in merino qualities. This type of wool has the properties of being soft, lightweight, itch-free, odor-free, breathable and insulating. It provides an extremely comfortable riding experience no matter what the weather throws at you. The merino wool and its principles are what forms the backbone of Isadore Apparel.

Planet earth

The Velits brothers have always felt our planets looks great from a bike (and don’t we all!). They care about how garments and packaging are made.They source their materials and fabrics from suppliers who are Oeko-Tex® certified. Choosing local, socially and environmentally responsible manufacturers and packaging manufactured in recycled or recyclable paper.

Seriously, how many more arguments does rider need to choose for a Isadore cycling kit? None, in my opinion. Now let’s go to the photo’s!
Go check out the website of Isadore, you'll find the kit I was wearing!
Isabelle Beckers
writer of this blog