The start

In a way to escape the uninspiring mass tourism focused, posh alpine towns. Bored from all the empty chitchat at party after party and the weary of the fight to be seen among and belong to the “in crowd” people who’s goal it is to be beautiful by low. Founder Peter searched for a mountain village away from the buzz, with an untouched winter landscape and perfect powder snow. In Maloja (the village) he found what he was searching for and this is where the story of a brand new clothing company started. Named…:

Stuck in my head

Maloja caught my eye already about 7 years ago, in the mountain bike shop of a good friend (with good taste) in Belgium. Ever since this brand is stuck in my head. Their clothing is different than everything I had and have seen before. Working with ‘off colours’, nice cuts, great materials and always with a small alpine looking touch. It’s a mixture of traditional and super trendy. In other words Maloja sticks to a unique, distinctive style. And since day one I was in love…

Little by little I started buying pieces of this brand, for both cycling and leisure. One thing was sure, the comments I got on my outfits were always positive ones. Check out the gallery for an impression. Do you share my thoughts?




It’s all in the details

The fashion addict in me makes me super curious about the collection of the next season. How Maloja will be creative again with their colours, designs and cuts.

Always I’m amazed about how the design team works around a theme and succeeds. The details ask for a second look and even when you turn the clothing inside out, you will find something new to pay attention to. Feminine and cool at the same time.
Look at the gallery and see what I mean.:


Geeee I wish I was a mountainbiker too, had the time to go on serious hiking trips in the woods and skiing didn’t jeopardize the next road cycling season. I would definitely know what to wear. Maloja has gear for all those mountain sports.

I have a long distance relationship with the mountains and I miss them when I’m not there. Luckily there is Maloja’s casual clothing to bring to mountains to me!

Pics by Sanne Meurice

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