A neoprene cycling backpack: NEW PHARAOH

There’s only few things triathletes love more than their bikes, their running shoes and their wetsuits – so, how perfect is it when you can wear the fabric of your wetsuit as a backpack? Sounds strange.. but is amazing.

The French brand NEW PHARAOH creates exactly that: neoprene backpacks and cycling accessories. The brand is designed and founded by a bike messenger inspired to look good while working.

The motivation for the products is the fusion of androgynous minimal chic combined with everyday use and practicality. The products are fluidly transferred into your daily habits to encourage an active lifestyle with geometric and urban inspired design, made from durable hardwearing fabrics, founded in cycling and bike messenger culture.

I got to test the Messenger Backpack and have to say: it’s my most favorite backpack ever.
The neoprene material makes this backpack waterproof, it is ultra lightweight, fits 25liters, has an extra laptop pocket, a hidden pocket on the back and is super comfortable on the back.

This backpack is my daily companion for university, travels, photography work, my trainings, food shopping and everything else you need a backpack for.

Take a look at the New Pharaoh online shop to see more of their amazing products!


photos by Laurin Ring, www.laurinring.de / @laurin_foto


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