Shimano Ambassador Camp Spain

Last weekend Shimano invited me to their yearly Ambassador Camp in Spain. In my mind I already saw us riding through the Spanish backcountry, climbing hills, sweating like crazy, drinking cold Coca Cola, eating ice cream and sharpening those tan lines.

Well.. when we arrived at our location near Riaza Spain greeted us not with the expected sunshine but with heavy rain and even snow. Located north of Madrid on 1000m above sea level, Riaza is a wonderful area to ride a bike: lovely roads, stunning climbs and almost no cars.

Our two main reasons for the Camp were:
1) to meet the other Shimano Ambassadors – and 2) to test the Shimano Clothing collections.
Many people don’t know but Shimano does not only produce gear and bike parts; they also have shoes, arm/leg warmers, bib shorts, jerseys, jackets, vests, gloves, glasses, caps,.. you name it.

Here’s a little insight in the product presentation:

S-Phyre Collection

With the S-Phyre Collection Shimano wants to maximize power transmission by delivering more performance per gram, cheating the air, and using linkage effect to power efficiencies. The series embodies Shimano’s passion to create the best, deliver results, and ignite your performance.

Evolve Collection

The Evolve Collection is a less aero fit than the S-Phyre cut and offers more comfort for the long rides. We tested the Evolve Collection on a long ride including a 10k climb and a 10k descent and well, I think I’ve found my new favorite kit combination. It felt comfy, breathable and so light you almost forget it’s there.


One should definitely keep Shimano in mind when talking about the newest kit doping. Their kits offer everything a cyclist needs and every little detail is well-thought-out. I really can’t wait to test both the S-Phyre and the Evolve Collection in warmer conditions and on longer rides – these kits are on fire!

Watch a little summary of our first day on the camp here:

Photos by David Ponce, Chris Hall, Freek Geurts and Nas-Raddine Touhami.


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