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Cirmoné is “the place” to visit as a cyclist or creative person in general. It screams cycling all over the place. From a bike repare place, to a shop, to the perfect pit stop for a coffee. There is even a wooden indoor bicycle track!


The bullet cycling collection.

It’s been said more than once when you’ve got the love for the bike, you want to show that to the world. That goes from riding your bike in style to dressing yourself in cool lycra kits to the point where you even, when going to work, wear a T with some reminder that you adore riding a bike.

The bullet is a newbie on the market who plays right into the hand or love of cyclists.

The idea:

The Bullet, a story shot from the creative brain of Kevin and Liesbet. Kevin, who has been active in IT for years and is mainly involved in the implementation of e-commerce projects, is also an avid cycling enthusiast. He wanted to appeal more to his creative side. Liesbet, Kevin’s wife, is a graduate in painting and also a passionate runner. There is no doubt whatsoever about her creative contribution to this story. From this perspective, it seems almost a logical consequence that combining all these passions had to lead to the creation of an online sales platform where unique and subtle designs can be brought to the man/woman in a beautiful line of leisurewear.

The name:

Kevin says: “When looking for a good brand name, we found our inspiration in the nicknames of well-known athletes. A search that, in hindsight, wasn’t really evident because of the already acquired domain names or brand names. In the end, we ended up with ‘The Bullet’, a name that exudes dynamism and speed with a great impact and also refers to “The Baltimore Bullet”, the nickname of Michael Phelps, who as an American swimmer won gold medals at the Olympic Games several times. The similarity with the determination of sportsmen to reach their target and a bullet, was spot on.

The brand: 

They want to create, designs that always have a link with the sport. Initially, the focus stayed on well-known territory, namely cycling, but quickly after ‘running’ was included. It doesn’t seem illogical to add other sports as well. They have a few gifted triathletes in the very close family. The Bullet certainly does not want to limit itself to cycling only.

Worth a visit! (soon online)


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