TIC – This is Cambridge

I’m so delighted to introduce to you the brand TIC! Their kit designs look happy and therefor make happy. And isn’t that what we all want? In a world dominated by the color grey (in 50 shades…), TIC does the sheering-up. Yay I say!

Peloton style
TIC is an independent brand with no external investors/ share holders. It gives them total autonomy to design and make things in the way they believe they should be made. This has helped them produce a distinct ‘peloton style’.

Another benefit of being independent, is the fact that TIC can spend a lot more time on the development of their products than other brands. Each product is as technical as it is distinctive. TIC is involved with the entire process from product conception through to prototyping, testing, detailing and launch.

Gender neutral
What is probably most special about TIC, is that they design kits not specifically for men and for women, but for riders. They are a truly gender neutral brand (with an exception for the bibs which have men/women’s cuts).

Let’s have a look
Boy oh boy! We had some fun during this shoot. Navigate through the album to see why! (And pay special attention to the socks!)

Check out TIC’s complete collection on their website: https://this-is-cambridge.com/


  • Jack
    Hi Isabelle, I find these jerseys on a website a few weeks ago. They are fun and I told to my men that I need one for my security😉. With this jersey, i will be visible on the roads!!! i'm planning to buy one complete pack for the next season. I love the pink one with dots. Can you give me tips for the size? I'm 175cm and wear normally size 38 in Belgium. Nice photos!
    • mm
      Isabelle Beckers
      Hello! Yes, ‘This is Cambridge’ Is doing an awesome job. The jersey in the photo’s is a ‘small’. Small normally is equal to a 36. So I would probably chose a ‘medium’. Also depends a bit on how you want to wear it. Pretty tight or a little bit looser. Hopefully you can make the right choice! Good luck! 🚴‍♀️💨

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