TICC: a late little piece of summer.

I should have posted this blog a long time ago but finally, I found the time to type down what I had in mind. I already wrote a blog about ‘This Is Cambridge‘ in the past, with great pics from the included photoshoot as a result. But looking at the brand’s clothing lines, there was this one kit that kept sticking in my head. To me the colors and fabrics are all about summer. And cycling in summer makes me happy. I hope this new series of photos will give you that same feeling as the kit (and summer) does to me.

TICC is a direct-to-customer independent brand. They only sell their products through their online shop. This gives them lots of direct contact with and great feedback from the customers. Which helps TICC to design new collections to the needs of their buyers.
This is exactly how the ‘mono range‘ is developed. Successfully, because sales go very fast at TICC. So if you want one of their products, don’t doubt for too long!

Check out the ‘This Is Cambridge‘ collections at their website. And don’t hesitate to give them feedback. Maybe you will recognize one of your ideas in their next cycling clothing line!

Photo’s by Sanne Meurice

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