VOID Cycling

Void Cycling is a brand of cycling clothes from the northern part of Europe. Scandinavia, Sweden to be more precise. It’s great to ride your bikes over there. Beautiful nature but they also have beautiful cycling clothes.

Void combines great designs -which they’re good at in Sweden- with functionality and the latest fashion in cycling. This brand is created by passionate riders with a background in the technical outdoor industry.

Only existing a few years (since 2013), Void already has a large assortment.  From menswear to womenswear, jerseys to shorts, jackets to crews. Every single item is created from a need or a dream so you can push your own boundaries on the road or trails.

La Ridley Void

It’s in the name! This brand is on a mission to fill the void between work and play, emotions and logic, the bike and the clothes. “VOID Cycling is a constant reminder to take time off and focus on those soulful moments”, they say. But is that really so? Take a look at 2 of their popular cycling kits and decide yourself!

Visit the website over here: https://voidcycling.com/


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