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Nutrition is a subject I have always been very interested in, and at the same time, scared of, Calorie counting is something I think that most of us have done at times. Trying to gauge whether you can eat something based on the caloric amount. I personally hate how in the USA, everywhere you go, there are calorie indexes telling you exactly how much naughtiness you are consuming. I’m sorry, but when I am cheating and I want a McDonalds chocolate shake… I don’t want to know how much fat I’m eating. There is certainly a fine balance, where you want to be aware of what you are putting in to your body, and then still remain relaxed if you “cheat” now and then.

I am sure we have all heard that “balance is key”, and I agree, and so is “moderation”. When you are an inactive person, or very active person, you should be looking for the healthy options most of the time. This is not because you are aiming for your beach babe body, which is fine, but rather the impacts on your body as you age. For us sporting types the importance of food becomes more of a need than a want. WE need to fuel our bodies in order to perform, and depending how much you exercise, you will need to FUEL a lot if you’re riding 20 hours a week.

In this blog I thought I would share some more of my favourite meals pre and post riding. For me personally, warm oatmeal was an all time favourite in the winter, and bircher muesli was the next best for summer.


Coconut, blueberry porridge.

You will need:

3/4 cup of oats

1/2 cup of blueberries (frozen is best)

1/4 cup walnuts (crushed)

TBS of coconut

Dash of cinnamon

1 cup of almond/coconut milk

*Stevia or maple syrup if wanted

270 calories , with around 25 g of carbs.

Throw all the ingredients in to a pot, give it a stir, and leave it on a medium heat to cook whilst you prep for riding.

This is a great meal before a long training session. So anything over 3 hours. You will be filling full, satisfied and full of energy.


Protein pancake (possibly the easiest thing to make)

1 banana

2 eggs

Coconut or olive oil.

Feel free to top with maple syrup, berries and sliced banana 🙂


Mash the banana in a bowl. In a seperate bowl, lightly whisk two eggs. Combine egg and banana (feel free to add a dash of cinnamon.

Make sure the pan is well heated (high heat), pour the ingredients in to the pan, and then lower the heat. Once the pancake begins to bubble, and the edges are cooked, flip the pancake.

250 Calories, with about 28 g of carbs.

The good ol protein pancake, perfect for a post work out, if you’re feeling like something sweet, but at the same time wanting to get a bit more protein in.


My fave celebrity recipe:

Jamie Oliver has to be one of my favourite chefs for many reasons, but mainly, he cooks damn good food with an adorable accent. The beauty of his cooking is he has something for everyone, and this bircher muesli recipe is my absolute favourite.

Jamie Olivers Bircher Muesli Recipe


Next time I will be sharing my favourite ride snacks, so stay tuned!


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