Oat to the meal & water to heal

In women’s cycling we often have to start racing early. The main reason is the distance or there is an other event on the same day/place. Whatever the timetable may be, you have to eat a good meal so that your body has fuel for the race. You’re engine needs to be as filled as much as possible. 

I’m a terrible eater, I have a sensitive stomach and it is already spinning and twisting when I see what my teammates are eating early in the morning. I can’t eat pasta or rice with fish – I tried but believe me the results are not that pleasant. So my way of eating enough for a race is simple: pancakes, not the regular ones but the oatmeal version.

Recipe: 1 person – 4 pancakes:

  • Oatmeal 70g
  • Flower 70g
  • Skinny milk (or coconut milk – i’m allergic so I can’t use this) 175ml
  • Eggs 1 (without egg yolk – pure fat)
  • Honey 2 Table spoons
  • Salt.

When you want to try out a meal, try it before a training. A race day or morning is not the time to try something new. At least eat something 2-3hr before the start of the race and drink enough water. Here are some reasons why.

  • Drinking water helps to maintain the balance of body fluids.
  • Water helps to energise muscles.
  • Water hydrates the skin. 
  • Water helps your kidneys.

How much water should you drink? And what can you do to drink enough? 

  • Drink a glass when you just woke up. 
  • Keep a bottle in your purse, car, at your desk. always in sight of your eye.
  • Drink two glasses before every meal. (makes you eat less or the right amount, because we intend to eat more than we should)
  • If you don’t like still water, take sparkling water or ad some flavour to it. You can put berries or melon in it.
  • Count how many glasses you drink a day.

They say 1,5 – 2l a day is good. You can also use the following formula: 0,03x your body weight (example: 0,03 x 53kg = 1,59L a day). That’s without what you should drink during exercises.

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