Busy is no excuse not to ride

It all comes down to a proper schedule. Figure out what suits you best. Do you have a goal? And do you want to work towards that goal? Than you should take a calendar and start planning. What do you have to do on which day and include the hours of training you can do. 

  • Cleaning?
  • Taking the kids to school?
  • Walking your dog?
  • Grocery shopping?

We all have to do those things, you just have to manage your life. Planning is the key to success. You have to cut yourself some slack. Let’s face it, no one is wonderwoman and can do it all. -those powers would come in handy tough. Sometimes we would all love to do some couchsurfing & binge watch our favourite soap on Netflix. Do that, take some time for yourself, away from the duties you handle every single day. It’s a way to cope with everything, otherwise the scheduling, won’t last.. In the video below you can see how I manage to get through some night shifts. I started with 3 evening shifts, 3 night shifts and ended with 2 early shifts. It was a holiday present from my boss.. Thank God I have a boyfriend who helps a lot, if he’s not on his bike and did see the note I left.. 


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