Clipless pedals: How to clip in & Out

I took my best friend for her first lesson on the road bike. Since she’s new to the world of cycling, she still has to learn a lot. How to properly clip in and out of your clipless pedals is one of the most important tricks you should learn. In the short video below, you can see how I taught her the technique – Afterwards she was happy, and a bit pissed(I made her do it a 1000 times the only way to do well, is to do it heaps!).


How to:

1: Put your foot on top of the pedal (Speedplay) or slide the front of the cleat under the catch on the pedal  (Look/ Shimano).

2: Put your weight on the pedal en try to do that only with the front part of your foot (Speedplay) or press down hard with your heel (Look/Shimano).

3: When you clip in you should both hear and feel the engagement (once you get the hang of it you can do it blindly).

4: Clicking out: pull your heel away from the bike (outwards)

Good luck!




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