wheel change

How do you change a wheel?

In Europe the summer holidays are about to start. As many of us can’t live without their bikes, why not take your best friend with you on vacation? To safe space it’s best to take the wheel (s) out.

As this procedure is also the first step when having a flat tyre, it is a must to know how. But don’t be scared, there’s not a lot you can do wrong. Just follow these steps beginning with the front wheel:

  1. Open the brakes if possible. This depends on the kind of the groupset that is installed on your bike. 
  2. Screw the quick-release open far enough. You will feel when this is the case. 
  3. Remove the front wheel. 

To remove the rear wheel, It’s best to shift to the heaviest gear first to get the chain on the smallest chain ring.

After that, just repeat the same steps.

Getting your wheels back on your bike, you just work the same way back. Just make sure you lay your chain back on the smallest chainring and check if the wheel is put in straight and is not rubbing the brakes.


PS: If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask! Type down your question in the comment box or send a private message.

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