Powertraining on my indoor trainer..

As a cyclist we don’t want to gain weight, but we do want to gain strength and muscles. During the wintertraining it is important to level up that strength and your speed level. My way of doing that is on my indoor trainer. In the video below i’m going to show you how I do my power training. I did a test with a fysio to determine my watt levels, but the most important que for a non competitive rider is to listen to your body. If needed start a bit lower and build your lever up during the year. 

In the video you will see the following:

  1. Warming up
    10 min easy spin
    Low gear
  2. Intense part = Power part
    Heavy gear
    No hands, because you get strength out of you back muscles in to your legs.
  3. Easy part inbetween
    4min easy spin
    Big gear!
  4. Cool down
    10min easy spin
    Low gear

I start this training in the beginning of the season, with 7 hard parts and build it up during the season.

Good luck!


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