How to reduce scars

We women often like to do some adventurous things or activities. That goes hand in hand with the principal of trial and error. – I ‘errored’ a lot and will still go full speed. Hard lessons aren’t always learned. We get scratched, bruised or worse burned. At least we try and nothing can hold us back. However we, women, like to look good and we (sorry for the general use but i’m pretty sure we all love our skin) don’t like the scars even if they are part of our journey to getting better in what we do.

So i’m going to put some tips & products in order for you how to reduce scars.

Get the wound cleaned out completely.
Even if it hurts so bad, everything that is a bit compared to dirt must be out of the wound. Dirt will cause inflammations, which takes more time to heal. Ask a nurse if you can’t do it yourself. They brushed mine out in the hospital (YES, you guys are reading it very well, ‘brushed’…).

Never leave a wound open.
Always cover the wound, protect against UV light and the wind. If the wound is still open, the wind can get dirt in al over again and UV makes sure you get a scar for the rest of your life. I, for example had open wounds/holes. I covered it with a thick layer of ‘Flaminal Forte’ (a gel or creme that desinfects and keeps the skin hydrated at the same time) with on top of that a paraffin-Gaze and a sterile gauze. Everything taped in. Make sure you use a gaze that is breathable for the wound. The wound get’s the chance to heal from the inside out.


Wash and clean the wound everyday until it’s closed.
You have to cover the wound everyday, so it’s normal that with the use of all the products you have some wound fluid and pus. You have to wash the wound out with a soap that has a neutral PH value. Stand for at least 20min under the shower so you are sure the wounds are clean again.


Protect the skin against UV light – Sun
New skin is really delicate, because it’s very thin. It has different colour pattern and new pigment dots. You have to stay at least 6 months out of the sun. Use a sunblock (UVA 50) or cover the wounds. I always carry a little stick in my pockets even when I go out for a ride.


Use good skincare products.
When the wound is fully healed use a good scar cream at least twice a day. Again the skin is new and needs it nutricion. The massage helps to get the skin softer and flexible. if you have a really delicate skin and like me are sensitive to create scars, you can use silicone skins. This you can only do after 3 weeks and in consultation with a plastic surgeon.


When you like to ride your bicycle in the summer and you have some scars on your arms you can wear the arm sleeves from GripGrab they are UVA 50+. That means they block 98% of the UV radiation. They are white and really thin so the heat is bearable.


To show you that this pays off some pictures of my healing wounds below.


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