How to spice up your indoor training

There are definitely two kind of cyclists during that time of the year:

  • those who ride in all weather
  • those who rather ride indoors

As I triathlete I have the choice to use the days with shitty weather for running and the days with really shitty weather for swimming – so I’m pretty much a “good weather cyclist”. But as I live in Germany (which is not really known for its good weather), I also happen to spend a lot of time cycling in my living room.

So, here are my tips to get through your indoor rides without being completely bored:

  1. Get yourself Zwift.
    Zwift is basically “riding indoors – but outdoors”. You need a smart trainer that translates your real life effort into speed in a digital world where you can ride against other cyclists, climb famous stages or just do a group ride.
  2. Netflix and.. roll.
    For the easy long rides that also need to be done in winter I chose to watch a series or movie on Netflix. I set up my laptop in front of my trainer, get on the bike and ride while watching a movie.
  3. Sweat the boredom out.
    When you have a good program to ride the time passes a lot faster than when you’re just doing some easy pedaling.
    Create yourself a hard interval session!

Don’t forget your towel(s) and enjoy sweating! 😉

Also check the video at:


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