What Do You Take Along When You Go Out Riding? [Video]

Do you wonder what you should be taking with you when you go out for a bike ride? No worries, Isabelle tells you the basics. In a nutshell, always make sure you’ve got the following things with you:

  • Spare inner tire: logic, no?
  • Pump: the most easy of them all. When you’ve got a flat, you know why.
  • CO2 cartridge and aid: when you don’t want to bring along a pump, you always can go for a co2 cartridge and the necessary aid. It’s easier (you just put it on the valve and let it do its job, but you need to buy new ones)
    • Don’t know which you should be buying? Here are some tips:
      • 16gr: for road bikes. It gives your tires about 6 bars. Enough to get home.
      • 25gr: for 29er MTB’s. It gives around 1,5bar I think.
    • Another important tip: when you check your tires the next day they will be flat again. The air in a CO2 cartridge is compressed and won’t stay at 6bar.
  • Tire levers: I take two, but it might be easier to take 3 to get that tire off.
  • Allen key set: If you want to adjust some things?
  • Money and your passport: not necessary in certain countries, but it is in Belgium 🙂
  • Your phone: for when you’re in trouble or just want to Instagram along the way 🙂



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