Top tips to conquering La Ride!

It is September , which means time for “La Ride 100” . Have you planned a ride yet? Trained up for it? Thought about how you’re going to tackle it? If not, no worries, I have some tips so you can still organise and conquer your own “La Ride”.

Exactly why I ride my Ridley 😉

Tip one : Ride buddies – Who do you regularly ride with? Or do you ride alone? Perhaps La Ride is the perfect opportunity for you to reach out to the community and find some new ride buddies. Or, perhaps La Ride 100 seems not challenging enough? That’s the great thing, La Ride is your ride, you can plan it however you see fit. A friend of mine suggested that 2:1 ratio, so for every 100 kms you ride you should aim for 2000m. Now that is a challenge and a half! So back to step one, speak to your friends, reach out to your local bike shop or cafe. Thats’s a start.

Tip two: Feeling mentally prepared – Feel as if you haven’t prepared as much as you could have? Again, La Ride is your ride,your challenge. How about you make “La Ride” more of an adventure ride and plot out a series of cafes, lunch spots, and great sight seeing stops along the way. Break the ride up into segments. This is how I used to get through really challenging training sessions or longggg rides. It’s like a work day or a school day, to get through the hard days we usually break it up into smaller, bite size pieces for our psych. A great way to look at La Ride is to break it up into 3 or 4 pieces, setting a goal for each 25 to 30km segment.

Tip three: Clean bike, is a fast bike: – A clean bike is a fast bike

Homemade choc banana muffins. Perfect for a long ride.

Tip four: Nutrition – For the rider who is not used to undertaking such an endurance ride, pre, during and post ride nutrition will be important so you can feel great throughout “La Ride”. Firstly, think about foods that you find are most easily digested for you personally, and what you feel is manageable to eat on the ride. Whenever I have a long ride planned, I like to do a pre ride baking session. I find asking therapeutic, and I get even more excited for the long ride as I know I’ll have plenty of yummy, nutritious treats waiting for me in my back pocket. Below are some suggestions from my friend Brittany Lindores “The foodie Chain” on pre, post and during ride ideas. Try to take on 60 g of carbs every hour after the first hour. Also, aim to have a good sports drink in at least one of your bottles, aiming for two bottles every hour (if it’s hot!). I highly recommend heading across to the foodie chain for your ebook copy. Great value for money, with some fantastic recipes and ideas to make your training experience evenbetter!

The perfect pre ride meal- Head over to the foodie chain for the recipe








Tip five: Planning the perfect route: – Using Ride with GPS

Mapping out your ride


Let’s RIDE! These are three simple steps to prepare you for your La Ride. you have the whole month of September to complete your LaRide, so don’t be intimated, get started and start planning a fun day out with your girlfriends.

Riding with friends is the best part about this sport.


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