What’s In My Race Bag


Last year I was super calm before each race because I knew what I was capable of, because I knew how much I trained and because it was my first real triathlon season I didn’t really expect that much. So I was even more surprised about my good performance – which lead to even more confidence and being even more calm before races.

This week, everything is different. I haven’t done any competition in the past 365 days and my routine is like ZERO. I’m incredibly nervous and I try to calm myself down with going trough everything important in my mind.

So, it’s only Tuesday and I already planned what I need to take with me on D-day.

Here’s what I take with me on race day: (all products are linked!)

  • my transition bag that fits EVERYTHING!
  • my Liz SL – probably with aero bars
  • for before and after the race: fresh socks, fresh shoes, comfortable clothes
  • for the swim: wetsuit and goggles, you usually get the swim cap in your bag from the event
  • for the bike: helmet, triathlon bike shoes, sunglasses, bottle of sports drink, race belt (to pin the number on) 
  • for the run: socks, running shoes, visors, sunglasses and belt
  • general: my tri suit that I’ll wear during the entire race, my Garmin watch to track my race, a sports bra that dries fast after the swim and some tape in case that I have a bad day and my knee needs a little support
  • what else: a small towel, sunscreen, stuff for the shower, dry clothes

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