Here we go! La Ride training schedule week one!

It’s time to get active! Your first training schedule is waiting for you. But first some simple info we like you to know.

Heart rate monitor

It is a must to train with a heart rate monitor. You have to know what you are doing while training to prevent you from training too hard or maybe not heart enough. Nowadays power meters are hot as well but we would recommend them more for competition riders or pro’s. Only with personal coaching and good knowledge of the use, these things are effective for training. Plus they are very expensive.
You can find heart rate monitors at very acceptable prices these days. So please make sure you have one, it’s a good investment.

Training zones

Every training schedule works with ‘training’ or ‘heart rate zones’. Each zone has a minimum and maximum heart rate (HR). It is your task to stay between the minimum and the maximum. The schedule will tell you in which zone you have to ride and for how long.
It is a recommandation to make an appointment with a coaching center or sports doctor to do a lactate/maximum test. This is a test to find out which your threshold and maximum heart rate is. Why? Because only then you will know the exact values of your training zones. A training schedule should always be a very personal tool, that only matches with your physical form.
But lactate tests always comes with a certain price tag and we like to see as many women as possible to have the opportunity to train in a responsable way. Therefore we use this very basic rule. Maximum heart rate = 220 – (minus) age.

Pedal frequency (rpm)

Most bike computers (with heart rate monitor) come with a sensor to measure the pedal frequency. If you have it, definitely install it on your bike!
To train efficiently it’s best to pedal at a relatively high frequency. Pedaling on a low frequency costs way more energy. If you have the chance to watch the Tour the France, take a look at the way Chris Froome pedals. He will never bog down and that’s purely to race as efficiently as possible. A good pedal frequency would be between 85 and 100 or even higher. This will ask some practise but you will see that is comes fast.

Training quantity

It is your goal to reach 100km in the month of september. This will for a certain amount of #BeTOUGH! Without training it wont be fun, that’s guarantied. We advice you to train 3 times a week, at least 2 times. Try to leave one day between two training sessions. This way you will be fully recuperated for the next session and it will make the next training much more effective.

Week one (powered by the 185 coaching center)!

  1. extensive endurance: 1h30min at HR (heart rate) ED-2 (extensive endurance – high) = (stay beneath) 70% of the maximum heart rate (220 – age). It should always feel comfortable.
  2. intensive endurance – seated power: 30min ED-2, 3 x [4min HR ID at 60 rpm (don’t look at your heart rate it’s not important now, keep a stabile position on the bike, you have to feel your legs performing)- 6min ED-1 (= rest, keep a very easy pace but at 90-100 rpm)], 30min ED-2
  3. extensive endurance: 2h at HR ED-2


Registrations for La Ride will open at the end of August. We will keep you posted. For now, register at Strava and join the ‘La Ridley’ club. This is how we can follow your training performances ;-).


Don’t forget to share your experiences on social media! Always use following hashtags: #BeTOUGH and #LaRide

Enjoy the ride!


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